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Feminization and the first time I dressed a man...

Now this is a subject very close to my heart. As a young girl, I used to take such delight in dressing my dolls and playing with all my pretty underwear that my mother would buy me. I had the cutest little brother, and at some point, I remember thinking, that instead of dressing my dolls, I could start to dress my brother in my things. He was so cute and adorable that I could not help but think, how sweet he would look in my little frilly lace panties. One pair of my panties had rows and rows of the prettiest lace on the behind.

My Mom was not home, and my brother and I were in my bedroom, watching TV, I was straightening out my panty drawer, and I saw that he seemed to be interested in what I had in the drawer. So, I took out my pretty little panties with the rows of lace, and motioned for him to come closer. I definitely piqued his interest.

I have to add, that my brother, was very enamored by me. He was easily lead around by me, and always wanted to please me. I told my brother, that it would make me extremely happy, if he would put my panties on.

He giggled, being quite the youngster.  I told him, that was going to be a dress-up game that all kids loved to play. I can remember him standing in my very girlie bedroom. The walls were pink, and I had white eyelet curtains, a dressing table that matched with a white eyelet skirt. Standing there, in my totally girlie room, he fell for my plan. I quickly had him, dropping his drawers, and putting my lacey panties on.

My seeing my brother in my pink bedroom, with my pink panties on, left quite an impression in my mind.
I remember him smiling, looking shyly down to his toes, and he was rubbing the front of his panties, the silky part against himself, It was a very sweet scene and dear moment.
This was the first time that I dressed a man in my things, but not the last. As the years wore on, I continued to dress my little brother, He would come into my bedroom, when no one was home, and I knew that he wanted to put on some of my things, and have my attention focused all on him. He would wear my full slips, half-slips, camisoles, teddy's, panties, stockings, and whatever feminine items I had available.
Later on, when I went off to college, I even started the same pattern with a guy I was dating. I just loved the idea of a man in my underwear, I liked feeling superior and in control, and having a submissive male, beg for my attention.
Would you like to wear my panties? Would you like me to control you? Do you have a story to tell me about when you discovered your first pair of panties?  I imagine this really turned you on.  I would be very interested in hearing all about it.
Be sure to call me, I love to hear all about the first time you wore something girlie.

I will control YOU!

I like real men who can satisfy men, weak men I can abuse.

Are you a Real Man or a Loser? Call me up and let me know what kind of man you really are.

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