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I see that you have made your way to my Cuckold Fantasy page. As some of you may already know, I enjoy the cuckold lifestyle with my husband, (it is a reality - not a fantasy for me and him) and have for the past 5 years of our brief marriage. I enjoy my husband being a cuckold. We live the lifestyle, I enjoy other men.

The transition did not happen all at once. It was an insidious thing. I began to loose interest in my husband sexually. Over time we gradually stopped having sex, I became distant. One night I got a yen and had my husband dress in my undergarments, panty, bra, full slip. He sat at my vanity as I put lipstick on his lips, and told him that I would turn him into my dirty slut. I reached down and slipped my fingers into the cups of his bra, and twisted his nipples, whispered that I wanted him to take his cock out and stroke it for me. That is how our ritual began, I would make him jack off as I watched.

Soon after, I started having sex with other men. I found that a larger penis pleased me much more then my husband's average cock. I would go out in the afternoon's, sometimes with a married man, or a well endowed black man, or someone who just happened to catch my fancy, in quest of that perfect large penis. The one that stays hard for hours and pounds me to death.

My husband became resigned to my taking control, He would wait patiently at home, in my panties for my return, so that he could hear about what I had done, and if he was lucky, he could lick my pussy and masturbate for me as I twisted his nipples. My husband tells me now he prefers masturbating to fucking, he likes being in my control, and having me take charge of our sex life. Perhaps I will take it to the next level and let him watch me. Up until now, he has only listened by the closed bedroom door.

What type of sexual topics interest me?
Well, I like sissies, and submissive men. I am very interested in cross-dressing and panty sluts.

What type of men interest me?
Weak submissive men, that become addicted to me, that I can control.

What turns me on?
Real men that can satisfy men, men that pamper and spoil me.

Are you a Real Man or a Loser? Call me up and let me know what kind of man you really are.

Call Toll Free  1-877-732-6360

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