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I caught my husband making a pass at his pretty young secretary in his office. He did not know that I was standing behind him,
as he fawned all over this young girl.  Honestly, I do not know why he was bothering, because he is really a pussy at heart. His macho exterior is just a cover for the weak, defenseless male that he really is underneath all the bravado.

I cleared my throat, so as to alert him of my presence, and I could tell by the way he started to blush, that he knew, he had been caught.
I smiled at him, and at the pretty young secretary. After all, I am not threatened by this because, I own and control my high powered husband's - cock.

That night, I knew he would be bringing me home my favorite flowers, and a great bottle of the best wine. As he came into the living room, I looked up, as he presented the flowers to me. I said, "Darling" why do you bother, you know that no one but me, really can satisfy your pathetic needs. "Now go into the bedroom," I told him, "I have laid out some things for you, to put on for me." I think some training is in store for this evening.

“Yes, Mandy,” he said, and went into the bedroom to change into the soft, sexy pink panties and teddy that I had laid out on the bed.
He dressed as he had been told, returning to the living room, to pour me a glass of wine.
It was then I instructed him to get on his knees in front of me.

I could see he was getting excited because I bought him lingerie. When I noticed this, I casually dropped my sexy shoe,
off my foot, and started to rub my big toe, up and down, the front of his cock.

"Steve...I do not think it is appropriate for the boss, to flirt with the help," I said. "How do you think that makes me look"?
"After all, you know I am in charge of you and your orgasms.  Do you think a young inexperienced girl, like your secretary,
could even begin to understand the complex humiliation you need"? "No, Mandy," my husband replied, blushing again with his head down.
I reached for his hand, and brought him into the bedroom.
I told him, "I have a little surprise for you, and dug into the drawer next to my bed."

I took out a Stallion Guard that I purchased on my way home, from the office.
I thought that this chastity device would be just what my husband needed. I looked up at him and said, "Steve, do you know what this is?"
His face was even redder then before. "Yes, Mandy, I know what it is." I told Steve to lower his panties, he obediently did so, and I opened the device and wrapped it around my husband's penis.
I locked it, and put the key, on a long chain around my neck.

Then I said to my husband, "I suggest you go to work tomorrow, and talk to your young secretary again, and let me know how it goes." 
"Yes, Mandy,” again blushing my husband shyly replied.
Then I said, "It’s going to be a while before that comes off, after all, who controls you is?"

"You do, Mandy," replied my Husband replied, with a big smile on his face.

I will control YOU!

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